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Where is SAFE LASER applicable?

+ Musculoskeletal diseases Pain alleviation, arthritis, myositis, tendon sheet inflammation, rheumatic pain, cartilage wear… + Sport injuries Strained muscle, bruise, haematoma, bone fracture, muscle and ligament injuries. The Safe Laser devices can be used after the medical check of the patient and when there is a clinical picture by a doctor. This is how we

The Safe Laser’s mechanism of action:

Diseases and injuries cause dysfunctions in the cells. Laser induces the photosensitive molecules of your cells, which improves the breathing of the cells and their energy (ATP) production. The cells work more efficiently (in many fields). Regeneration is faster, the time of recovery from the disease is shorter. The advantages of Safe Laser treatment 1

A new device for efficient healing for medical and domestic use

The effect of the laser: + it starts and accelerates the healing process in the body (bio stimulation) + pain reliever # antiphlogistic and reduces swelling + improves blood and lymph circulation + stimulates regeneration of damaged nerves