The Zyxera Group Trade and Services ltd produces and distributes over-the-counter and prescription drugs, herbal remedies, nutritional supplements and cosmetic products in Hungary and for the global market. We are also the distributor of products from multinational companies known in Europe and worldwide that do not have local representation in Hungary.

Our goal is to provide Hungarians with access to proven and tested first-rate global products.
Our partners are responsible participants in the world’s pharmaceutical markets who engage in ethical and transparent communications, all in the service of healing.
We are well versed in Hungarian pharmaceutical legislation and regulations, and can provide accurate, up-to-date information to those pharmaceutical trade companies that plan on entering the Hungarian marketplace.
And because our existing partners are faithfully represented through a close-knit partnership, we are able to provide future partners who entrust us with their products, fresh data on market changes.
The strategic guidance we are able to provide to those future partners encompasses all areas, from product registration, to mapping out logistical solutions, to visitation networks.


Import and distribution of pharmaceutical and medical products from and to any part of the world.
We can supply a wide range of international medicines to all authorized professionals, companies, hospitals and other healthcare institutions from distribution centres.
Early stage companies are a key source of promising product candidates – in-icensing is cost-effective, the product development is shared. It’s also lower risk for the company buying in.
Medical instrument technology
We bring the highest quality standard and custom products to our customers.
Product Launch
We have extensive practical experience of launching pharmaceutical products into the marketplace and manage a multidisciplinary project team in quality, packaging design, regulatory and distribution.

Our experience

Over 27 years of pharmaceutical and medical experience
With more than 27 years of knowledge and expertise, we can ensure your pharmaceutical product launch runs smoothly.
Marketing and trade professional experience
We can help you launch and maintain drug brands with pharmaceutical marketing services and support every phase of a pharmaceutical product’s lifecycle.
Established partnerships with multinational companies and authorities
The European marketplace presents a variety of challenges, from numerous official working languages to complex regulatory frameworks. We can provide expert guidance on launch strategy with regulatory agencies and multinational pharmaceutical corporations.
Active market presence since the establishment of the Hungarian pharmaceutical trade in 1991
The world changed dramatically after the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1991. As a result, the free trade of pharmaceuticals began that year in Hungary. In the following years, we came to understand that pharmaceuticals are also products that need to be marketed, with an eye to the many regulations that apply to them.

Why we are the most fitting partners.

Several decades of experience in
• obesetology
• diabetology
• metabolic syndrome
• cardiology
• gastroenterology
• psychosomatic illnesses
• and in all areas of basic care
Professional liaisons
• from decision makers to basic providers
Trade relations
• pharmacy chains
• wholesale
• import-export companies
• authorities
• professional events
• product information for the company category
• multichannel (both digital and traditional media)