Safe Laser GÉL is a unique serum,
which, when lit by a special laser light, has extraordinary
rejuvenating and skin regeneration effect.

When the face is lit by Safe Laser, the laser light helps the GÉL and the moisturizer be absorbed and it enhances their effectiveness. Moreover, laser induces the light-sensitive molecules in the cells (cellular respiration and energy production is better), cells operate better and regenerate quicker. Laser reduces the skin inflammation process remarkably. When there are more severe skin problems and skin injuries, the soft laser light helps the generation of new cells, tissues and capillaries.

Safe Laser + GÉL* applies an anti-ageing technology that does not only delay the visible signs of ageing but reverses them. When the laser and the gel are used together, they increase collagen and elastane production in the skin, therefore the skin becomes tighter, more elastic and smoother, which will make the facial skin look livelier. When they are used on regular basis, they reduce wrinkles while improving the tone and texture of the skin. Also, they visibly reduce pigmentaria (liver spots and age spots) and improve rosacea skin condition. Furthermore, they trigger the fast and scar-free healing of pimples and acne.

* Based on GÉL tests conducted in accredited laboratory and on the feedback of Safe Laser ® users.


Safe Laser GÉL is a special anti-ageing serum, which does not replace moisturizers. The GÉL is composed of smaller molecules, so the active ingredients easily get into the deeper layers, but it does not affect the outer skin, the epidermis (cuticle). To moisturize and protect the outer skin (appr.1 mm), it is recommended to use some traditional moisturizing cream or lotion.

Important active ingredients and nutrients in the serum (Safe Laser GÉL):
Beta glucan (polysaccharide extracted from yeast): Activates the immunologic cells in the skin. It enhances the protective and regenerating capacity of the skin and provides sunscreen effect. It has anti-oxidant properties and contributes to the formation of softer skin. Owing to its anti-inflammatory effect, it is suitable to reduce redness in the skin and to soothe the sensitive skin.

Stabilized oxygen (O4): Effectively gets into the skin layers and dissolve into two O2 molecules in the tissue. It adds extra oxygen to the skin and this way enhances the renewal of the skin. It efficiently increases and maintains collagen production. It slows down the ageing process and it keeps and improves the moisture content of the skin.
Hydrolysed collagen: Provides a source for collagen fibre construction. It improves skin elasticity.
Panthenol: Has softener and moisturizing effect.

Dermatological tests conducted in accredited laboratories have proven that the GÉL reduces the length and the depth of the wrinkles, moisturizes while it has no allergizing effect. Tests have also proved its bactericidal and fungicide effect.
For all skin types
Clinically and dermatologically tested
It does not contain mineral oils, silicones or parabens

Safe Laser’s effect on your skin

• Helps the absorption of skin care cosmetics in your skin and enhances their efficiency.
• Stimulates the collagen and elastin production in the skin and improves its tightness and elasticity.
• Slows down the visible signs of ageing, lessons wrinkles and regenerates the skin.
• Has a beneficial effect on any skin with pimples and acne, accelerates healing and heals wounds without scars.
• Reduces redness on the skin with acne or seborrhoea condition after the cosmetic facial cleaning. Reduces oedemas and the risk of skin infection.
• Pales pigmentaria.
• Helps the regeneration of healthy tissues after bruises and skin damages (without scars).
• Polarized laser light has antiphlogistic and pain reliever effect too.
• Laser light accelerates the healing of other skin problems (herpes, skin damages, skin inflammation and eczema). Alleviates itching and pain.

How to use Safe Laser + GÉL

• Use GÉL + Safe Laser every morning and evening or take it as a course (4 weeks at every turn of season).
• Apply the GÉL and your moisturizer after your regular face cleaning.
• Safe Laser GÉL is a special anti-ageing serum which does not replace the moisturizing cream.
• The GÉL regenerates and moisturizes the deeper layers, but it does not affect the epidermis (cuticle).
• To moisturize and protect the outer skin, use some traditional moisturizing cream or lotion.
• After moisturizing, use a swirling motion (gently, only touching the skin) with the laser to blend the GÉL and your moisturizer in, and make a stop at the critical areas (deeper wrinkles, pigmentaria, acne…).

Treatment time of critical areas:

    SL150  = minimum 1 min
    SL500  = minimum 10 sec (6x power/cm2)
    SL1800 = minimum 10 sec (6x power/cm2 + 5x surface)  

Light the skin around the eyes carefully when using laser light and make sure the light does not get into your open eye directly.
If you have not used any moisturizing cream or lotion yet, first try them for 1-2 weeks and if they work (and does not cause any problems to your skin), you can start using Safe Laser GÉL + Safe Laser together.

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