for SL 500 infra, SL 1800 Infra devices:

Peli is a hard case supplier for NATO and the US Navy. Providing extreme protection transportation systems for arms and military equipment have made it one of the leading premium hard case producers in the world.

This premium case, specially made for Safe Laser 500 infra and Safe Laser 1800 Infra is now available at Zyxera Group kft. Peli cases are airtight and provide full protection in wet, dusty or muddy conditions, protecting the Safe Laser device from damages, hits and breakage. 

Why should you be satisfied with less than the best?

Who is extreme protection Peli hard case recommended for?
veterinaries, hard dog competitors, agility racers, horse riders /military, trotting, gallop, jumping, dressage/, orienteers and anyone who does outdoor sports or wants to keep and carry their Safe Laser device of thousands or millions Forints value safe — available only at Zyxera Group: Peli hard case!

Introductory sales

Buy a case for SL 1800 now and you can get it at 75.000 HUF sales price (incl. VAT)  instead of 95.000 HUF full price!
Buy a case for SL 500 now and you can get it at 55.000 HUF sales price (incl. VAT) instead of 75.000 HUF full price!