Safe Laser in Dentistry

+ Perfectly safe, there is no need for safety goggles for doctors, patients, dental hygienists or assistants.
+ Patients can take it in their hands, take it home and use it on their own without taking part in any training. Therefore, they can use it many times a day, which accelerates the healing process.
+ It can turn into an everyday device that everybody in the family can use.

A huge advantage: quickens the healing process, relieves pain and reduces inflammation.

The effectiveness in these three fields are proven by the results of the 2700 research programs that were conducted at 81 universities in 27 countries, according to which, it can be safely stated that 80-95% of the laser therapies were successful. As a result of this, soft laser therapy has become evident in dentistry.

+ Quickening healing: it has a positive effect on wound healing time, furthermore, it helps ossification after dental implant and osteoplasty. This way the time of the incorporation and the healing is shortened.
+ Owing to its mechanism of action, it is efficient in treating periodontal pockets, centres and pyorrhoea, by which dental extraction is avertable.
+ To treat superficial problems, such as herpes, aphta, chronic inflammation and other peripheral defects, use the 150mw red Safe Laser.
+ SL 500, SL 1800 Infra laser application: for treating gingival recession, for dental care after implants, when bone reconstruction materials are implanted, and for treating jaw joint problems.