Diseases (indications) witch can be treated with Safe Laser devices

Prior to and during therapy, depending on the nature and severity of the disease, it is essential to consult the competent specialist (in a polyclinic, clinic or hospital).

Skin diseases:

• chronic inflammation, herpes simplex, herpes zooster,
• ulcus cruris, non-healing ulcers, multiform exudative erythema, hypertrophic scars, alopecia areata

Oral cavity diseases:

• aphta, herpes, chronic inflammation, trigeminus neuralgia, posttraumatic pain, postoperative pain, parodontosis, parodontitis, gingivitis, temporo-mandibular joint lesions, asyalia

Oto-rhino-laryngologic diseases:

• chronic rhinitis, allergic chronic rhinitis, pharyngitis


• ophthalmic herpes zooster

Laser acupuncture

• according to the indication circle of the profession

Vascular diseases:

• obliterative vascular diseases, postthrombotic syndrome, ulcus developed on the ground of varicosity and vasculitis, sicca pregangrenic condition, decubitus

Musculoskeletal symptoms, rheumatology, sports injuries:

• Small joint, muscle and tendon injuries, inflammation, strain, sprain, contusion, abrasion, bruise
• reumatoid arthritis, arthropathies, arthrosis, other motility organ lesions


• pain syndromes, degenerative spinal pain, radiculopathies, rehabilitation of those with locomotor disorders, lesions associated with hypertonicity, childhood motility disorders, contractions, Little disease, conditions following brain vascular events (paresis, motility
disturbances, flexural contractions) inactivity muscular hypotrophy, atrophy, solution of forced

Ear Complaints:

• inflammation, pain, tinnitus, ear itching

Diseases can be treated with nostril light (laser beam directed to the nostrils)

• accelerates the healing: colds, flu, relieve symptoms of nasal inflammation
• relieve symptoms of allergy, asthma, hay fever