Diseases (indications) witch can be treated with Safe Laser devices

Musculoskeletal Disorders:

• Injuries – Treats contusions; strains (distorsions); hematomas; ruptures of taenia, muscle or tendon; fractures.
• Disorders Due to Overstrain – Treats tendinitis myositis/bursitis; inflammation of peristil at adhesion and sticking point of muscles (e.g. tennis players’ elbow inflammation at point of adhesion of muscle to the lower arms as a result of overstrain).
• Degenerative Deformations – Treats joint wear/arthrosis; joint inflammation (arthritis); disorders of vertical column (with pain-relieving and inflammation decrease results); muscle diseases such as muscle pain and limited movement (contracture); pains at various points of the body and numerous joints.

Traumatic and Sports Injury
Healing Time Shortened by Laser Therapy:

Applied before surgery, Safe Laser encourages accelerated absorption of hematoma/oedema, making the surgery area more accessible while reducing pain. Post-surgery laser therapy should be applied 1-2 times per day to achieve faster healing. In the case of fractures, a small “window” is cut on the plastered limb, with direct laser enlightening providing intensive assistance to the ossification process.

Dental and Mouth Disease

Diseases of skin surfaces and mucous membranes (e.g. herpes, mouth wounds, ulcers and sores) and gingivitis, periodontitis and gum bleeding can be treated with red light (660nm) Safe Laser 500 more efficiently with optional fiber optics; however, the 808nm Safe Laser 1800 Infra can reach deeper areas and is more suitable relieving pain associated with:

• Toothaches – Inflammation buildups can be effectively and efficiently treated either by enlightening through the cheek or with the assistance of fiber optics.
• Mouth Surgery/Implantation – Recovery of soft and bone tissues is accelerated after dental treatments such as mouth surgery and implantations; laser applications improve the sticking of the epithelium (osteointegration) around dental implantations by enlightening through the cheek.
• Convalescence/Trismus – Following surgery, convalescence is reduced and stitches can be removed by way of Safe Laser treatment, while conditions such as lock-jaw (trismus) can be relieved in a matter of minutes while inflammation is reduced.

Dermatological Diseases:

In the case of bruises, injured skin surfaces and post-surgery wounds, the Safe Laser 1800 subserves regeneration of normal tissues while also initiating the healing of ulcers.