The Perfect Solution for Musculoskeletal Disorders

Designed specifically for musculoskeletal disorders and bundled with a host of special accessories that can be used for ear, nose and throat (ENT) problems, the Safe Laser Infrared 500 represents a Hungarian medical invention that features an advanced medical-certified laser used by hospitals, in addition to a unique feature that allows it to be used at home.
This formidably powerful Safe Laser is effective up to a depth of 8 centimetres, with a number of additional accessories that make it the most versatile Safe Laser device.

The Modern Answer to Chronic Pain.

Technical data:

• Power: 500mW scattered laser radiation
• Class-1 laser product
• Wave length: 808 nm laser + 4 pieces of 630 nm LED
• Li-ion rechargeable battery (3.6V DC –  piece of type: 18650)

Prices, availability

Safe Laser 500: 479 000 HUF


Rental options

• Try out the device for 1-2 weeks on agreement, risk free and at minimal cost to check if it is a solution to your problem.
• No need to travel to a therapy location every day. *
• Convenient. You can treat yourself in your home without having to wait in a reception room, travel or pay for medical treatment.
• Delivered to your home on request.

* It is highly recommended to consult your physician before using Safe Laser home treatment. SL does not always replace medical treatment.


(2 weeks)


Price (incl. VAT)

SL 500 Infra

30 000 HUF

270 000 HUF

479 000 HUF

Devices may be collected in our office or are delivered to a pre-arranged location in Budapest after your signing the agreement and paying the deposit together with the first week’s rental. In addition to receiving the product, you are provided personal advice on the spot as well as an instruction handbook of soft laser treatment, an instruction manual of the device and further accessories.
The deposit is paid back when the device is returned in undamaged and acceptable condition.
The deposit will be deducted from the full price (incl. VAT) when the device is purchased.
Call or email us. See the contact details below.

Device placement

Free placement for contract partners for an agreed period of time.
Partners can use the devices for therapies, lease them and sell them within the placement period. Contact us for special opportunities and agreement. Find contact details below.

Payment by instalments

Partners are offered the opportunity to pay by instalments. The terms of instalment are subject to individual agreement. Contact us for further details at:

For distributors

Be our contract partner and enjoy distributors discount, commission and have an extra income besides your job.
Be part of a dynamic, young team without having to go to work every day.
Be the first to be informed about our sales, distribute our products together with Safe Laser and maximise your extra income.
Take advantage of all partnership offers: trying out and using products, free samples and placement – exclusive offers only for our partners.
Payment on instalment is available for our Partners. Use, sell and lease our devices.
Have an extra income before paying the full price.
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